A Guide to Concrete Countertops

If you think of concrete, the first things that come to your mind are roads and sidewalks in your city. There are many other uses of concrete like the foundation of your home and other applications. The material is made up of a mixture of cement, sand and gravel aggregates, and water. Depending on your purposes of using concrete, you can find different types that are available in the market today for different applications. Surprisingly there is another application where concrete can be used in the home and that is for your counter top. This is an application which is already gaining popularity with many people.

You might be wondering what a concrete counter top would look like. At first perhaps the idea would repel you because you are thinking about the sidewalks and the roads outside and imagining them on your kitchen counter. However, concrete can be mixed with different materials so that they will have a variety of colors, textures, and forms. If you want to create different colors with your concrete, you just need to mix white cement with pigments, stains, and dyes. The gray color of cement is cement that contains less iron and manganese oxide. If you mix gray cement with other colors, it will give you different dark colors. You can also put coarse or fine aggregates in the cement. The fine aggregates have a greater effect on the color of the counter top. If you want a counter top with great decorations, then you can mix the cement with aggregates like quartz, granite, marble, and limestone. This gives your kitchen counter top a more appealing look. You may hire experts from the Decorative Concrete Avon OH site.

There are different kinds of pigments that can create different colors for your kitchen counter top. You can get them in liquid form which mixes well with the cement to give you a unique color. The powered form pigments will work just as well. If you have already poured the cement, you can still color the cement surface with stains or dyes.

Concrete counter tops can already be seen is some upscale homes, restaurants and stores. Now it is also become popular in smaller homes. The reason for this is the variations of colors that you can have which gives each home a unique counter top. You can also make it into any shape that you desire. You simply pour it in the form of the shape. Sealers are now available to protect the counter top and its colors and design. It can come as a glossy sealer, or a matte finish. This will depend on the look that you prefer.

Concrete counter tops can also copy the likes of natural stone counter tops. You simply mix it with aggregates like granite or marble, and it comes out like the real thing. It is also stronger and more durable that the other common ones. Visit this official website of Concrete Countertops Westlake OH